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Hello 👋

Welcome to my digital garden!

My name is Dev and I am an experienced full-stack software developer (no pun intended, I promise) and product manager. This unique skillset allows me to create full-fledged software products for customers, and iterate very quickly on feedback.

My current engineering interests lie in building large-scale distributed systems, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies (designing protocols and its applications).

My research interests are in liquidity pools in crypto, zero knowledge proofs and graph theory.

I learn very fast — I try to contextualise information using first principles and block out as much noise as possible really quickly.

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Some Past Projects and Research #

DonSafe #

  • DonSafe allows hospitals and organ donor clinics to track the provenance of organs and ethically source them by “tokenising” them on the blockchain.
  • I partnered with NABH India and today, over forty thousand hospitals use the software to authenticate the source of various organs every single day.

Datacenter Network Routing #

  • During my stint as a network engineering intern at Microsoft, I co-designed and built a modified variant of a network traffic routing protocol called MPLS for Sonic, Microsoft’s own operating system for routers and switches.
  • This significantly improved packet encryption and packet transfer speeds by over 20%.

Graph Theory Research #

  • I lead a research group at UC Berkeley where we were trying to find an optimal algorithm for the Travelling Salesman Problem.
  • Research is currently under peer-review.

Julia - Open Source Contributor #

  • I have prolifically contributed to Julia, a high-performance and dynamic programming language primarily used for complex computations.